"Yellow" oil on canvas. 36" x 36".

Kobi Raz - 'Yellow', oil on canvas. 2020

36" x 36" \ 90cm - 90cm

Kobi is one of the most talented Contemporary artists in Israel.

From early childhood, the brush was Kobi’s only communication with the outside world.

It was this very communication through his painting brush that created some of his greatest masterworks. His works have been reviewed and critiqued by great collectors such as Ellen Degeneres and Larry Sonsini.

His paintings resonate with many people and had been selling really well.

We have a profound faith in his future as an artist and his ability to soar artistically as well as in the market price.

This is definitely a great time to purchase his works. 

Kobi paints abstract landscape paintings and abstract Impressionist.

An original piece, one of a kind.

The painting comes with a certificate of authenticity and a letter of appraisal.

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